Born in Accra, Ghana and has lived in England, Nigeria and Ghana, Nii Obodai is at ease with the vast and diverse world of his continent. His work mainly explores his expansive relationship with urban and rural culture, not with a detached eye, but with an artist’s passion for conscious expression of self-discovery, and a love of the stories that abound in his world. Nii Obodai’s photographic play is a conduit into a vibrant space. In his travels he discovers and explores the visual essence of Farafina (meaning: land of the black skin in Bambara language). Here we merge into the zone between tradition, improvisation and modernity. We begin to feel the spirit of Farafina, with its adeptness where religions come together, traditions remain in contemporary living, faces of the diaspora return home and spiritual stories are told, from within a landscape of beauty. Nii Obodai is unafraid to challenge the common catch cries of what is accepted to be Africa and African - war, corruption, helplessness, emptiness. We share his positive awareness of the daily lives of millions of ordinary people across the continent. Through his images, the Farafina is living poetry.

Who Knows Tomorrow ? The Ghanaian Journey
Exposition duo de Bruno BOUDJELAL & Nii OBODAI.
23 Janvier — 8 Février 2014 / Galerie Philippe Lawson.

Francis Nii Obodai Provencal

His creative vision is nourished by exchange and through learning processes that have to come from within oneself.


Driven by the need to communicate better visually, using what is available to him in terms of ideas, resources and ethnicity, his creative vision is nourished by exchange and through learning processes that have to come from within oneself. He works to pass on as much of his knowledge to the younger generation through personal interaction and workshops. Nii Obodai is based in Ghana where he works and lives.

In 1998, he established Nuku Café in Accra, a vibrant space for contemporary artists to exhibit their art and meet the people interested in engaging with their passion in a social and supportive environment. Nii Obodai now enjoys facilitating inspirational workshops on photography and continues to travel, exploring and recording the vibrant essence of life. He has exhibited in Accra, Paris, Bristol, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, Florence, Bamako.

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